How it Works

1. Choose a workshop from one of the categories below - our students need your support with learning English, creating resumes, building self-confidence, financial literacy and much more.

4. Empower them to teach others what they learned from you.

2. Schedule a 10 to 30 minute Google Hangout and host the workshop.

3. Provide the students with a short quiz or handout and have them follow up with you. 


What People Say

Donating time has never been easier


Jabar Bains

"This platform is very powerful!  It was very engaging and interesting to hear what the youth would like to do in the future. We can teach through textbooks all day, but real world experiences is what we learn from.  After the session I felt a lot of adrenaline rushing through my body and I would love to do it again."

Ripa Das

Food Enthusiast
"The ability to teach internationally using technology is an amazing concept and more importantly it is very powerful.  My favourite part of the session was hosting my very own cooking show! I never really get the opportunity to do much for my community but this platform allows me to be at home, in my kitchen, and donate time to students."

Nidhi Laroiya

Innovation Consultant
"It was very rewarding to donate some of my time with the youth in Mumbai.  This unique experience was super convenient and I had a lot of fun hosting a workshop!  To be able to connect with these eager young people across the globe made for a very impactful morning.  The fact that I could be part of something so powerful in such a seamless way left me truly inspired."
Dr. Jobin Varughese

Dr. Jobin Varughese

Medical Doctor
"It's essential for world wide knowledge translation and there is a wealth of information to be shared. We all have talents that can be essential for others. Being able to share across oceans is just a fantastic experience."

Mandy Kaur

Marketing Consultant
“The e-learning platform is truly powerful as it has helped eliminate any boundaries around receiving education and sharing experiences.  My favourite part during the session was when I got to interact with the youth and answer their questions. It is extremely satisfying when they make connections from previous sessions, this shows me that they are engaged and applying the information they are receiving."

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